About this Website

This website is for two types of people.

  1. Seekers – Those who are seeking to know more about God and a personal relationship with Him, and
  2. Disciples – Those who have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ who desire to grow in their faith and understanding of the calling on their lives.


• To provide an outreach and evangelism tool for Christians who would like to introduce others to the Truth of God’s Word for salvation.

• To provide an initial learning resource for those who are recently saved (born again).

• To provide content and an active community which will provide help, instruction, encouragement, and empowerment to Disciples of Jesus to live a Godly life according to the Truth of God’s Word.

Mission Statement

• To actively participate in the evangelization of the world and provide a website with a clear, uncomplicated, non-threatening invitation to receive Jesus Christ as one’s personal Savior and Lord,

• To offer discipleship to newly born again Christians so that they can grow in their knowledge and understanding of God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

• To offer Discipleship training to Christians who take the Great Commission of Jesus Christ seriously to take the Gospel to the world.

This Website is Not…

  • NOT affiliated with a Church or Denomination.
  • NOT a part of a cult or weird religious order.
  • NOT run by a bunch of judgmental, hell-fire, and brimstone religious lunatics.
  • NOT to make you feel guilty, condemned, or judged by anyone.
  • NOT to make money or make you buy anything.

This Website IS…

  • IS a non-threatening place to learn about God, His Holy Spirit, and His Son Jesus Christ.
  • IS where you can learn about things like salvation, baptism, discipleship, prayer, healing, and deliverance from harmful or destructive habits.
  • IS where you can connect with others like yourself who are on the same spiritual journey as you are.
  • IS where you can get connected to a local church in your area where you can grow in your Christian faith and become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ.
  • IS where you can get a free Bible if you need one and learn how to use it to your advantage in life.
  • IS where you can find help, encouragement, someone to pray with or for you if you need prayer.